Less than 6 seconds…the fastest goal in the history of international football! (video)

The match between Austria and Slovakia witnessed a moment that will be etched in football history, when Christoph Baumgartner scored the fastest goal in the history of national football matches ever.

It took only 6 seconds for the Austrian player to score the goal, after he received the ball, passed the Slovakian defenders, and then put it into the net with a powerful shot that could not be blocked or returned.

Perhaps Saturday was historic in terms of quick goals, as Germany scored in France after 8 seconds, but Baumgartner’s goal remains the fastest at only 6 seconds.

It remains to be noted that Austria won the friendly match held in Slovakia, with a score of 2-0.

Now we leave you with the historic goal that Baumgartner scored with a unique skill.

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