1. What is Fanzword?

Fanzword is Football Fans’ Social Network currently available on IOS & Android where fans can discuss football matches, earn points & get rewarded.


2. What are the available interaction features?

For each and every match available on the platform users can do the following:


Rating players (Share your opinion on players’ performance)

Rating Goals (How good is the goal, you decide)

Recommending Substitutions (Suggest a substitution the manager should do)

Match Discussion (Share your opinion and add an image/ GIF on anything in the match)

Score Prediction (Predict the match score, the first team & player to score a goal).


3. Is there a limit of number of substitutions I can do per match?

Yes, you can suggest a maximum of 5 substitutions per match.


4. Where can I check my points details?

In the match interaction section, you can press on Earned Points to see the details of the points you earned. You can also check the total points of your interactions on all the matches from your profile or the leaderboard.


5. How are points being calculated?

Please check the Game Rules section to see the points calculation details.


6. What prizes can I win?

Please check the Game Rules section to see the prizes we offer for different leagues & tournaments.


7. What are the tournaments are covered?

We cover the Euro 2020, English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga and we are planning to add much more leagues & cups very soon. If there is a specific league or cup that you would like us to add you can always reach us on .


8. When are points getting reflected?

Most of the points will get reflected instantly, but for some features it could take up to 24 hours.


9. What should I do if the points calculated doesn’t seem right to me?

We are always looking to do this the most accurately possible, but if you think something is not right you can share the details on and we will look into it.


10. When can I start interacting on a certain match?

Rate a Player: Start Time: When the match starts / End Time: 24 hours after the match ends. Rate a Goal: Start Time: When the match starts / End Time: 24 hours after the match ends. Recommend Sub: Start Time: When the match starts / End Time: When the match ends. Match Discussion: Start Time: 48 hours before the match starts / End Time: 24 hours after the match ends. Score Prediction: Start Time: Always available / End Time: When the match starts. Share App: Start Time: Always available / End Time: Always available. ​

11. When are the game events updated?

Game events are normally updated instantly, but we rarely face some delays from our data provider. If you face any issues or have any comments you can always reach out to us on .


12. What are bonus points?

Bonus points are the points you earn when sharing the app with your friends, you can check the details in the Game Rules section.


13. Why can’t I see the average rating of other fans?

It appears as NA. The average ratings (based on other fans’ ratings) is only available after the match ends, during the match it will always appear as NA.


Contact Us ​ ​ If your question isn’t answered above or in the Game Rules then you can contact us on