A video reveals the validity of Yamal’s canceled goal in El Clásico

A video has spread on social media of a Barcelona fan who captured a video of Lamin Yamal’s disallowed goal in the Real Madrid-Barcelona match last Sunday.

The video referee had refused to award Yamal’s goal in El Clásico on the grounds that the ball did not pass all its circumference, and in the absence of goal-line technology, it was difficult to confirm the validity of the decision.

In the video circulated, it clearly appears that Yamal’s ball passed the goal line in its entire circumference and that Andrey Lunin saved it late, and thus the goal should have been awarded.

In this case, Barcelona would have led 2-1 early, and with it the scenario of the match would have been different, which ended with a 3-2 victory for Real Madrid and with it the Spanish League title was practically decided.

It is noteworthy that Barcelona asked the Spanish Federation to provide it with all the necessary recordings of the game to confirm its authenticity or not, after which it may resort to the judiciary in order to repeat the El Clásico if it is proven that the goal was correct.