Will Bellingham’s suspension in La Liga be reduced or cancelled?

Mundo Deportivo newspaper confirmed that the decision to suspend Jude Bellingham in La Liga for two matches will not be reduced or cancelled, but the punishment has already been confirmed.

The La Liga Disciplinary Committee punished the English star with a two-match suspension after he was expelled for violently attacking the referee of the Real Madrid-Valencia match, Gil Manzano.

According to the newspaper, the disciplinary decision against Bellingham was issued at the minimum level, so it cannot be reduced to more than that under any circumstances.

The newspaper also pointed out that the only solution is to cancel the penalty, and thus the association must deny the match referee’s report, which is a completely unlikely option.

The only solution for Real Madrid is that when its appeal is rejected, it resorts to the International Sports Court, and this option requires a long time and different litigation procedures.

As a result of the above, it is confirmed that Bellingham will be absent from Real Madrid until returning from the international break and will not play in the Osasuna and Celta Vigo matches in the next two weeks.

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