The Spanish Referees Committee punishes Manzano

Spanish press reports stated that the Spanish Referees Committee decided to punish referee Gil Manzano after his controversial decisions in the match between Real Madrid and Valencia in the Spanish League.

The referee blew the final whistle while the ball was on its way to Valencia’s net, in a decision that remains one of the strangest this season in the world of football.

According to reports, the refereeing committee informed Manzano that he made a serious mistake in his decision, and for this reason it decided to suspend him from practicing refereeing for a period of time.

So far, the duration of the suspension has not been revealed, but it is most likely that it will extend for weeks.

For his part, Manzano is well aware that he made a mistake in his decision, so he accepts the decision and deals with the situation calmly in the hope that he will return to arbitration soon.

It is noteworthy that Spanish journalist Edo Garcia confirmed that he communicated with the referee after the match and learned from his conversation that he felt remorse and realized the disastrousness of his decision.

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