The Spanish Referees Committee is “shocked” by the referee of Real Madrid-Valencia match!

The newspaper “Marca” reported that the Spanish referees committee still did not understand the decision taken by referee Gil Manzano to end the match between Real Madrid and Valencia a moment before the winning goal for the Royal Club.

Manzano sparked great controversy after blowing the final whistle and Brahim Diaz’s cross in the air, heading to Jude Bellingham’s head, who turned it into the goal, announcing the third goal for Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.

It seems that the referees’ committee is struggling, just like the fans, to understand the decision taken by the referee, and how he did not wait until the attack ended and then the final whistle blew as usual in all football matches around the world.

The referees committee also believes that Manzano played a very good match throughout the 90 minutes, but the way he finished the match puts him and the committee itself in real trouble.

Perhaps what is not more indicative of the severity of the decision is that the Valencia players themselves were astonished that the match was ended in this way, as bat striker Hugo Duro said that the match should have continued until the attack was ended.

In general, there is a great state of frustration within Real Madrid, and the administration now considers what happened as “the biggest arbitration scandal” that the club has been exposed to in recent years.

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