The result of the FA Cup semi-final draw

After the excitement of Manchester United and Liverpool…the result of the FA Cup semi-final draw

The final whistle for the Manchester United and Liverpool match marked the beginning of the 2024 FA Cup semi-final draw ceremony.

The “Red Devils” were the last to qualify for the round of four after a dramatic victory over the Reds 4-3 in the final moments of extra time.

On Saturday, defending champion Manchester City qualified for the semi-finals, followed by  Coventry City, Chelsea and finally Manchester United.

The semi-final draw resulted in Manchester City facing Chelsea in a major summit, while Manchester United will play Coventry City.

The two matches will be held on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, and as usual, they will be at the historic Wembley Stadium.

2024 FA Cup semi-final draw result

  • Manchester City x Chelsea
  • Manchester United x Coventry City

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