The former Real Madrid star was imprisoned on rape charges

Episodes of football players being imprisoned on rape charges continue. After Dani Alves is released from prison on a huge bail, another famous Brazilian football player enters, this time a Real Madrid star.

The talk here is about Robinho, the accused in the case of raping an Albanian woman in a nightclub in Milan in 2013.

The Italian judiciary issued a ruling to imprison Robinho for 9 years on charges of rape, but it was not implemented because Brazil prohibits the extradition of its citizens to foreign countries.

Unfortunately for Robinho, the case was filed again in Brazil and the Brazilian court approved the Italian ruling to imprison the former player for 9 years.

This decision received great praise from Kida Goncalves, Minister of Women in Brazil, who expressed her happiness at punishing the player after a series of ongoing deliberations since 2017.

It is noteworthy that at the time Robinho committed the crime, he was wearing a Milan shirt, for which he played from 2010 to 2015.

Robinho joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2008 from Santos, then left the Royal Club for Manchester City and from there returned to Brazil, then moved to Milan for five years and then left for China.

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