Surprise.. Real Madrid does not protect the “treacherous” Mbappe

Although everything confirms that Kylian Mbappe will join Real Madrid next summer, the royal club still does not believe in the “treachery” of the current Paris Saint-Germain star.

The scenario of the summer of 2022 does not leave Florentino Perez’s management behind, when the player confirmed to Real Madrid that he would join them, then surprised everyone and renewed his contract for another two years with PSG.

For this reason, Real Madrid’s management worked to secure itself by signing an initial contract with Mbappe that contains a penalty clause if the player violates it and decides to continue with his club or move to another club.

This information was reported by the “El Chiringuito” program, which revealed that the signing of the initial contract occurred 3 weeks ago and that the penalty clause is double, allowing Real Madrid to also terminate the contract while paying a penalty clause for Mbappe.

However, it is not expected that the 25-year-old Mbappe will violate his agreement with Florentino Perez this time, and he will transfer for free without any significant crises in the next summer transfer period.

Perhaps the current way Paris Saint-Germain is dealing with the player confirms that he has closed the Parc des Princes stadium, so he is being punished by being excluded from matches, reducing his participation rate, and negotiating his waiver of bonus money.

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