Revealing the truth about Barcelona’s forgery of Lamine Yamal’s age

In recent hours, news has spread that Barcelona is reviewing the age of its current star, Lamine Yamal, and that the owner of Spanish origins is not 16 years old.

The rumors that spread on social media were based on a photo from years ago of Yamal when he was in Barcelona’s youth sector, at the age of 10, specifically in early 2015.

According to rumors, Yamal should be near his 20th year now considering the photo was from 9 years ago.

As the rumor spread like wildfire, research began to increase to uncover the truth, and all sources agreed that the story of falsifying age was baseless.

It turned out that the post, which was allegedly from years ago, wrote that Yamal was 10 years old, and it was specifically in December 2017, which confirms that the player is now at the end of his 16th year, as is known.

Thus, the rumor that Yamal falsified his age is completely denied, and it becomes certain that the shining star is still in his sixteenth year.

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