Officially…a new points deduction for a club in the Premier League

The Premier League announced that it would deduct two points from Everton’s score due to violating the Financial Fair Play law.

This is the second time that the Toffees have been subjected to an opponent’s penalty, after deducting 10 points from their score at the beginning of the season.

The first time, Everton’s management appealed the decision, and the penalty was reduced to only 6 points, and now it is more than two points, complicating the team’s position in the relegation struggle in the English Premier League.

Without deducting points, Everton should have 37 points, placing them in 14th place and completely staying away from the relegation struggle, 7 rounds before the end of the Premier League.

But with the deduction of the previous 6 points, then two points, Everton fell to 17th place with only 25 points, two points behind Luton Town, which is in first place leading to relegation to the English First Division.

Everton has the right to appeal the penalty within a week from now, in the hope that the penalty will be reduced or cancelled.

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