Not Neymar…an unexpected player who paid Alves’ bail and got him out of prison!

Dani Alves succeeded in paying the bail amounting to one million euros, to leave his prison in Barcelona after a full year he spent in it in connection with the case of his assault on a woman in 2022.

The former Barcelona star was sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros, after he was found guilty of raping the woman.

Recently, Alves obtained his right to conditional release in exchange for paying a bail of one million euros, handing over his Spanish and Brazilian passports to the authorities, and appearing weekly before the court to ensure that he does not escape.

Alves suffers from a seizure of his material property due to the divorce case filed by his wife against him, which made him unable to raise a million euros and get out of prison.

But a breakthrough occurred in the past few hours, as one of Alves’s colleagues intervened and paid this amount, and surprisingly, it was not Neymar, who paid the fine of 150,000 euros to the court.

According to Brazilian media, the one who paid one million euros to release Alves was his former Barcelona teammate, Memphis Depay.

Although there is no confirmation from Alves’s lawyer that Depay was the one who paid the amount, all the surrounding evidence confirms this due to the close relationship that binds them despite the short period of time they played together.

This move by Depay sparked a fierce attack against the Dutch striker, as it was considered that what he did was not in line with moral principles and that Alves did not deserve to be released from prison after he committed it.

In any case, this is not the first time that Depay has raised controversy with a similar case, as he previously defended Benjamin Mendy, who was accused in a large number of rape cases.

It remains to be noted that Alves has already left his prison cell in Barcelona after paying bail last Monday.

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