Neymar disavows his help from the “rapist” Alves!

Neymar’s father, the Al Hilal player, confirmed that he did not intervene to help Dani Alves get out of prison by paying bail, as the media claimed in recent days.

Over the past year, Neymar and his father have been financing Alves’ defense, to the point that they paid 150,000 euros, the value of the fine imposed by the court in the sentence that includes 4 and a half years in prison.

Alves needs one million euros for his conditional release from prison, and it was said that communication had taken place between the Brazilian player and Neymar’s father in order to pay him bail.

Santos responded on his Instagram account, denying this, writing, “I hope that Daniel, along with his family, finds the answers he is looking for. For us, for my family, the case is over.”

It remains unknown after Neymar’s father announced how Alves will be able to pay the huge bail, given that he has reportedly lost the majority of his wealth over the past year.

The most difficult solution for Alves would be to remain in prison, knowing that he is suffering so much there that he has entered an anti-suicidal recovery program in recent months.

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