France officially responds to news of preventing Muslim players from fasting during Ramadan

Philippe Diallo, president of the French Football Federation, responded to what was reported in recent days about his decision to prevent French Muslim players from fasting during the month of Ramadan.

French newspapers reported that Diallo issued a decree refusing to fast during the entire camp days, not just on match days.

Mohamed Diarra was excluded from the France U-19 national team camp because of his refusal to break the fast and his insistence on fasting, which sparked widespread anger against the French Federation.

When Diallo was asked about the matter, he replied, “We respect everyone’s convictions, and no one in the French Federation, whether I or anyone else, prevented anyone from fasting.”

He also added, “I heard that there is an Islamic fatwa regarding the possibility of postponing fasting for those who practice vigorous sports.”

At the same time, it is clear from Diallo’s speech that he did not support Muslim players appropriately, as he said, “There is no room for modifying the date of training or eating meals in response to religious rituals, whatever they may be.”

He concluded, “We do not choose players in the various French teams based on their religion. We are being subjected to an unfair trial based on widespread lies.”

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