Dani Alves was released weeks after his imprisonment on rape charges

The Barcelona court agreed to release Dani Alves in exchange for a huge bail as part of the appeal procedures against his four-and-a-half-year imprisonment on charges of rape.

According to the newspaper “Sport”, Alves pledged not to leave Spain or flee in general, and he gave his passport to officials to confirm that he would remain in Spain until the end of the trial.

Alves was forced to pay one million euros to the court for his conditional release, provided that he appeared before it weekly to confirm that he did not escape and that he would continue inside Spain as agreed upon.

Alves stressed that he believes in justice and will continue to fight in this case until his innocence is proven and the heavy sentence he was sentenced to last month is cancelled.

This news comes a few days after other news spread that Alves committed suicide, before his brother and his lawyer came out and confirmed that what was said was completely false.

Thus, the Barcelona legend is released from prison after 13 months spent in prison since January 2023.

It is noteworthy that Alves paid 150,000 euros in order to reduce his sentence from 9 years in prison to only 4 and a half years, and Neymar helped him by being the one who loaned him this money, which sparked a wave of criticism against the Al Hilal star.

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