Messi announces when he will retire from football

Lionel Messi, the Inter Miami player, revealed that he would have retired from football if Argentina had lost the 2022 World Cup title in Qatar. Al-Barghout succeeded in leading Argentina to its third historic World Cup title after the dramatic final victory over France on penalties. Messi spoke to the media about his plans if […]

The Puskas Award is simmering… a legendary goal for the Argentine national team

Matías Soulé, the Argentine Olympic team player, scored a world-class goal during his country’s friendly match against the Mexico Olympic team on Saturday morning. The Argentine national team, led by Javier Mascherano, is preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics, and facing Mexico in a friendly match was a good opportunity for that. In the 24th […]

Beckham reveals… How did Messi make him cry so hard as if he had suffered a death?!

David Beckham, the English football legend, revealed that Lionel Messi was the reason he cried so hard in the summer of 2023. Messi made his decision to join Inter Miami last summer after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and despite receiving historic offers from the Saudi League and Barcelona’s attempts to bring […]

List of the richest players in the world: Salah is eighth with a huge fortune

Sportune website published a list of the 20 richest players in the world of football, revealing the value of each of them’s wealth. The surprise was that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are not the richest, but rather Faiq Bolkiah, a player for the Thai club Ratchaburi, whose fortune is 18.5 billion euros. The little-known […]

The body has no mercy.. Messi is injured again!

Inter Miami coach Tata Martino announced that Lionel Messi suffered a new injury during his team’s match against Nashville in the CONCACAF Champions League. Al-Barghout participated in his team’s 3-1 win, qualifying for the quarter-finals of the competition, but he left at the end of the match due to injury. Martino told the media after […]

Haaland hopes Messi will retire quickly!

Erling Haaland, the Manchester City star, considered Lionel Messi to be the greatest player in the history of football, wishing he would retire so that he could succeed in achieving individual awards. Messi snatched from the Norwegian star the Ballon d’Or and The Best awards for the past year, despite Haaland’s success in achieving the […]

He surpassed Ronaldo and scored a rare goal.. Messi writes history in MLS

Lionel Messi scored a goal during Inter Miami’s 5-0 victory over Orlando on Sunday morning in the third round of the American League. Thanks to this goal, Messi entered history, reaching 500 league goals and breaking a record set by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentine scored 474 goals with Barcelona in the Spanish League, 22 with […]

Neymar invites Messi to join Al Hilal

Neymar da Silva, the Saudi Al Hilal star, expressed his desire to return again to playing in one team with his former colleague and friend Lionel Messi. Neymar shared a locker room with Messi at Barcelona for years, then they played for two years at Paris Saint-Germain. In the summer of 2023, Neymar moved to […]