Al-Nassr requests the inclusion of the Euro 2024 star!

The Kooora website revealed that Al-Nassr management is planning a major deal during the current summer Mercato by signing one of the players who quickly made their mark in Euro 2024.

According to the source, Al-Nassr submitted a request to the Recruitment Committee to enter into negotiations with the Italian and Juventus star, Federico Chiesa, to try to assign him to Luis Castro’s battalion next season.

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for granting money to Saudi clubs to complete their deals, and its approval must be obtained first before entering into any negotiations with any player.

It is assumed that the committee will not object to Al-Nassr’s attempts to include Chiesa, and will even provide him with the necessary financial support in light of Castro’s request for the necessity of contracting with a world-class winger, and the possibility of Sadio Mane’s departure.

It does not seem that signing Chiesa will be difficult, as immediately after it was announced that Thiago Motta was the new Juventus coach, news quickly emerged that the Italian was not considering the player in his calculations for next season.

Despite this, Chiesa is still in the best period of his career and is expected to receive many European performances, and nothing is more evident than what he performed in the match against Albania at the opening of Euro 2024, when he was chosen as the man of the match.