You are the referee.. Did Arsenal deserve a penalty kick against Bayern Munich? (video)

A very controversial shot was played by Bukayo Saka, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals between Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

While Saka was running into the penalty area, his foot collided with the foot of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and he fell to the ground, and with it began calls for a penalty kick for the Gunners.

The match referee refused to count it and considered that the contact was not intentional, and that Saka was the one who directed his foot at Neuer’s foot, so there was no mistake.

Video technology confirmed the referee’s decision, but the objections of Saka and Arsenal fans to the game, as it was largely a clear penalty, did not stop.

Now you are the referee. Did Arsenal deserve a penalty kick or did the referee make the right decision?

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