Yamal drives Barcelona crazy because of Spain… Pedri’s scenario is repeated

All media outlets are speculating about an imminent crisis between the Spanish Football Federation and Barcelona due to the Catalan club’s star, Lamine Yamal.

It is expected that Yamal will be at the top of the Spanish national team’s list participating in the Euro 2024 tournament, which Barcelona does not object to at all.

But the biggest crisis is that the Spanish Federation is planning to also include Yamal in the Olympic team that will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Spanish Federation’s promise to Barcelona was clear about protecting Yamal and not exhausting him until he completes his growth and does not suffer injuries, and Barcelona believes that “La Roja” is now betraying this promise.

Barcelona still remembers well Pedri’s scenario, and how he participated in the Euros and then the Olympics in a total of 73 matches in 2021, after which he never recovered from muscle injuries and missed 79 matches in the last 4 years.

Barca believes that Yamal’s participation in the Euros and then the Olympics may hinder and affect his physical development, and the fatigue resulting from playing all summer without rest and the combination of seasons would hinder the player’s development and put his career at risk.

Thus, Barcelona will appeal to the Spanish Federation not to let the 16-year-old participate in the Olympics until it gives him the opportunity to grow and rest. Otherwise, a major crisis will erupt between the two parties because Barcelona feels “betrayed” and in danger of its wonderful jewel.

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