Yamal challenges PSG and Mbappe: You will know Barcelona well!

Lamine Yamal, the Barcelona player, challenged Paris Saint-Germain before the upcoming confrontation between the two teams in the Champions League, stressing that Barcelona will reveal its true face in the match.

Yamal is considered one of Barcelona’s most important players this season. Although he is sixteen years old, he has succeeded in becoming one of the main pillars of Xavi Hernandez’s squad and one of the stars of the future.

The Spanish international spoke to Mundo Deportivo newspaper about the upcoming match against Paris Saint-Germain, saying, “I expect the first match to end with a 1-0 win and I will be the one who will score the winning goal.”

He also added, “We have to give everything we have against Paris Saint-Germain and show the face of Barcelona that everyone knows and control the match.”

As for facing Kylian Mbappe and the PSG stars, Yamal said, “There are certainly defensive duties that I must adhere to. I will support the right-back, whether it is Koundé or Araujo, in facing Mbappe.”

He concluded, “This is not directed only at Mbappe. I always do this and I did it against Kvartskhelia in the Napoli match, but Kylian is certainly a different player and will surprise us.”

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