Why did Issam Chaouali disappear while commentating on Paris-Dortmund match?

If you followed the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund on the beIN Sports 1 channel, you would have been astonished when the voice of commentator Issam Chaouali disappeared for about ten minutes and then returned.

The famous Tunisian commentator was commenting on the match normally, but in the 81st minute he suddenly disappeared, and the match remained without a commentator for 5 minutes, and suddenly the voice of another commentator came, Khalil Al Balushi.

Al-Balushi was commenting on the course of the match, but through the “BeIN Sports 2” channel, and with the strange disappearance of Chaouali, the channel interpolated the Omani’s voice on Channel One.

According to the media, Chaouali’s sudden disappearance was not due to health or any similar crisis, and that what was circulated in this regard are unfounded rumors.

Reports indicate that the whole matter was a technical glitch that caused Chaouali’s voice to be absent from the “BeIN Sports 1” channel, and as soon as it was resolved two minutes before the end of the match, he returned again to comment on it.

It remains to be noted that Borussia Dortmund won 1-0 over Paris Saint-Germain and qualified for the Champions League final, awaiting the winner from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.