When will Real Madrid announce the signing of Mbappe? Conflict over the date

French and Spanish media continue to conflict about when Real Madrid will announce the signing of Kylian Mbappe, this time with two different pieces of news.

What is currently agreed upon is that Real Madrid will begin announcing the deal as soon as the end of the Champions League, but the difference is the date.

The newspaper “Marca” says that the announcement date will be Thursday, June 6, and that Mbappe will head to Spain and a press conference will be held during which the player will talk about his new move.

But the Monte Carlo network denied this news and said that the announcement would be earlier than what Marca said, specifically either next Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Mbappe will continue in the France national team camp, and will not travel to Spain as the Spanish newspaper claimed.

It is now agreed that Mbappe will be a Real Madrid player next week, but when the announcement date remains unknown, and what is also certain is that his presentation ceremony will take place after Euro 2024.

It is noteworthy that Mbappe is currently in the France national team camp in preparation for Euro 2024, and will play a friendly match next Wednesday against the Luxembourg national team.