When will Haaland move to Barcelona? A solid plan starring Mbappe!

Although Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s president, came out to the media and said that the Catalan club does not want to include Erling Haaland, the truth seems completely different.

“Sport” newspaper published a report in which it revealed that Haaland is Barcelona’s first target, and that Laporta’s management has already drawn up a plan to sign the Manchester City star.

But the inclusion of Haaland will not happen soon. Rather, the plan is for him to land in Catalonia in the summer of 2026, specifically with the completion of the Camp Nou stadium development work.

By signing Haaland this year in particular, Laporta aims to do two things: the first is to promote the new stadium in an ideal way, and the other is to enter the club’s presidential elections with a huge achievement.

Postponing the deal to 2026 also comes for another important reason, which is Barcelona’s economic situation, as Barcelona is expected to reach this date in good financial condition that enables it to fulfill the rules of financial fair play and include new players with high values.

Indeed, the Norwegian’s transfer to Barcelona in 2026 was discussed, during a meeting between Barcelona’s sporting director Deco and the player’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, last month.

Perhaps the main incentive that Barcelona is playing on to include Haaland is Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid, as the two groups want to build a new enmity in La Liga between the two stars of the current generation, just as was the case between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the past decade.

It is worth noting that Haaland’s current contract with City still extends until the summer of 2027, but the English media confirms that there is a penalty clause worth 175 million euros starting in the summer of 2025.

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