What is the truth about Neymar’s closeness to returning to Barcelona next summer?

The newspaper “Sport” denied reports circulating that negotiations had taken place between Barcelona and Neymar to return him to Camp Nou next season.

Neymar’s contract with Al Hilal is still extended for a season, but the Brazilian does not feel comfortable and wants to leave as soon as he recovers from the injury, according to the media.

However, Barcelona is not an option for Neymar despite what has been circulated that the player is trying to leave Al Hilal on a season-long loan to the Catalan club.

It is true that Barcelona wants to sign a left winger next summer, but Neymar’s name was never put on the table of Joan Laporta’s management, and he is completely outside the calculations.

It seems logically that Neymar’s departure from Al Hilal is out of the question, especially since no club in the world is willing to pay the huge salary that the 32-year-old receives there.

It remains to be noted that Neymar will return to the field next July when he recovers from a severed cruciate ligament injury that he suffered during his participation with the Brazilian national team on a pause last October.

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