What is Barcelona’s position on selling Ter Stegen?

The RAC1 network revealed the position of the Barcelona administration regarding the sale of Marc-Andre ter Stegen in the next summer Mercato.

Stegen’s levels have declined significantly in the recent period, and he was subjected to a barrage of criticism, specifically after the last Girona match, which ended with the Blaugrana’s 4-2 defeat.

What is Barcelona’s position on selling Ter Stegen?

According to the latest report, Ter Stegen is “untouchable” to the Barcelona administration, and whatever mistakes he has made recently, there is very great confidence in him.

As for Barcelona’s management, even if an astronomical offer arrives to sign the German goalkeeper, there is no intention of selling him at all.

Stegen enjoys great confidence from coach Xavi Hernandez, who still believes that the goalkeeper is an essential player in the locker room, and is considered one of the best football goalkeepers around the world.

Thus, the report titled Barcelona’s position on the sale of Stegen by stating that the 32-year-old is “not for sale” under any name.

What did Ter Stegen do with Barcelona this season?

This season, Stegen played 32 matches with Barcelona between the Spanish League and the Champions League, during which he succeeded in keeping a clean sheet only 14 times.

Stegen is subjected to severe criticism, especially in the Champions League semi-final second leg match with Paris Saint-Germain, as many believed that he was able to save one or more goals from the French club’s quartet against Barcelona.