UEFA returns the excluded English club to the European championships!

The Daily Mail revealed that UEFA has approved Manchester United’s participation in the Europa League next season.

UEFA had decided to exclude United from the Europa League earlier and relegate it to the European Conference League due to the decision not to allow two teams belonging to the same owner to participate in a single European tournament.

United is now owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the same owner of the French club Nice, which also reached the European League, but it surpasses United in that it occupied an advanced position in the French League.

According to the Daily Mail, the European Union will allow United to participate in the European League and will not relegate it to the European Conference League, and will consider the matter as nothing more than an exceptional decision.

Nice will be managed by a committee approved by the European Football Association to avoid a conflict of interest with United and ensure that the duo participates without problem in the European League next season.

The European Union considers the 2024-2025 season a transitional season, but starting from the following season, there will not be much leniency in the story of joint ownership of two clubs in one championship.