Two injuries at the same time.. Will Mbappe miss Euro 2024?

Kylian Mbappé will not be able to participate with the France national team in Canada’s last friendly match before the start of Euro 2024 due to injury.

According to the newspaper “L’Equipe”, Mbappe suffers from two injuries, the first of which he had before joining Didier Deschamps’ camp, which was back pain.

As for the other, he suffered it during the last friendly match against Luxembourg, which is a bruise in one of his knees.

So far, the two injuries are not expected to affect Mbappe’s participation with France in Euro 2024, and the decision to remove him from the Canada match comes as a precaution to prevent any of them from getting worse.

The French national team’s journey in the Euro begins next week with a heated confrontation against the Austria national team, which is in an exceptional situation with its coach, Ralf Rangnick.

Mbappe is supposed to lead his country without a crisis in the Austria match, after which the 2018 world champions will face the Netherlands and Poland in one of the most difficult Euro 2024 groups in Germany.