Threat… Flick begins his era with Barcelona with a warning message

“Sport” newspaper reported that Barcelona’s new coach, Hansi Flick, began his era with the Catalan club with a strongly worded message to the players in order to impose the discipline and calm necessary to achieve achievements.

Barcelona announced last week that the German coach will take over the reins of the Blaugrana leadership starting next July, succeeding sacked coach Xavi Hernandez, with a two-year contract.

According to the latest report, the first message Flick sent to his players was that no information about the team should leave the locker room, otherwise whoever leaks the news to the press will not have a place with him at Camp Nou.

Flick is clear that players must completely stay away from the media, and he personally prefers to talk only to a limited extent, and believes that the beginning of success lies in what happens inside the locker room remains inside it and does not reach the media or the fans in any way.

“Sport” considered that Flick’s message might lead, in one way or another, to a radical and major change in Barcelona’s locker room, especially since Xavi before him complained about the repeated leaks and how they negatively affected the team’s level last season.