The Spanish Public Prosecutor calls for Carlo Ancelotti to be imprisoned for 5 years!

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti faces the risk of a prison sentence for tax fraud during his first term in charge of the Royal Club.

Ancelotti took over as coach of Real Madrid, succeeding Jose Mourinho, in the summer of 2013 and continued in his position until he left in the summer of 2025.

According to the statement of the Public Prosecutor in Madrid, Ancelotti is accused of tax evasion in an amount exceeding one million euros, and accordingly the Public Prosecution representative is demanding that he be imprisoned for a period of up to 5 years.

The Italian coach committed a crime according to Spanish law, which is deleting the income generated from image rights, and using devious methods in order not to include it in his tax return file.

The case is still pending before the Spanish judiciary, but the Public Prosecution’s case appears to be strong after proving that Ancelotti resorted to fictitious funds and non-existent companies to help him evade taxes.

Perhaps the matter does not represent a danger at the present moment, given that the litigation procedures take a long time, but the matter will put some pressure on the coach, as is usual from the newspapers.

Ancelotti returned to coach Real Madrid in 2021, and a few months ago renewed his contract to extend until the summer of 2026.

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