The Real Madrid legend helps Mbappe move to Madrid!

The love of Real Madrid runs in Sergio Ramos’ blood, and the latest thing the current Sevilla star is doing is providing great assistance to Kylian Mbappe so that he can move to the Spanish capital.

This is what was reported by the newspaper “L’Equipe”, which revealed that Ramos has been in constant contact with Mbappe recently and is trying to find a suitable home for him in preparation for his move to the Royal Club next season.

In general, Ramos was one of those who tried to persuade Mbappe to join Real Madrid in the recent period, and he has a very special relationship with the French star.

The duo shared a locker room at Paris Saint-Germain for two years, before Ramos left at the end of his contract last season and returned to Seville.

French media had revealed that Mbappé’s mother, Fayza Lamari, had traveled to Madrid to search for a house, and Ramos has recently played a role in the search process as well.

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