The most valuable clubs in the world: Real Madrid is in the lead

The most valuable clubs in the world: Real Madrid’s top spot and the emergence of surprising names!

The famous Forbes magazine published a list of the most expensive football clubs around the world in terms of value, and it is topped by Real Madrid, as expected, with 6.6 billion euros.

But the surprise may be in the club that occupies second place, which is Manchester United, despite the severe suffering that the English club has suffered since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2012.

Barcelona ranked third despite its significant decline since the departure of Lionel Messi in 2021, and Liverpool came in fourth place.

Below we will learn together about the list of the 10 most valuable clubs in the world, according to what was published by Forbes:

  1. Real Madrid – 6.6 billion euros
  2. Manchester United – 6.55 billion euros
  3. Barcelona – 5.6 billion euros
  4. Liverpool – 5.3 billion euros
  5. Manchester City – 5.1 billion euros
  6. Bayern Munich – 5 billion euros
  7. Paris Saint-Germain – 4.4 billion euros
  8. Tottenham -3.2 billion euros
  9. Chelsea – 3.1 billion euros
  10. Arsenal – 2.6 billion euros