The “madness” of Barcelona’s president causes more uncertainty about Xavi’s future!

The newspaper “Marca” reported that Barcelona President Joan Laporta still believes that the most appropriate decision for the future of the Catalan club is to dismiss Xavi Hernandez at the end of the current season.

Laporta met with Xavi after the end of the match against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday, but the meeting was quick and the coach’s future was not discussed, and it was agreed to hold another meeting next week after the end of La Liga to discuss the matter.

Although Laporta wants Xavi to leave, the president’s “madness” and mood also make it possible for him to change his mind and decide to continue Xavi as Barça’s coach next season.

The financial aspects are one of the important reasons for the uncertainty of the situation, as dismissing Xavi will cost Barcelona’s coffers between 12 and 15 million euros, a number that is difficult to provide due to the stifling economic crisis.

Also, Laporta cannot be trusted to continue with a decision for a long time, and he may once again decide to stay on Xavi if they talk face to face in the upcoming meeting next week.

Xavi’s statements that Barcelona are unable to compete with Real Madrid and the top European players and their need to include new high-caliber players next summer caused Laporta’s anger and his taking a position on the necessity of dismissal, despite the renewal of trust between the two parties less than a month ago and the announcement that the coach will remain in the next season.