The former Real Madrid star reveals that he played in the City match “with a concussion”!

Raphael Varane, the current Manchester United player, revealed that he played the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City in 2020 while suffering from a concussion.

The two teams met in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 at Etihad Stadium, and then Varane played a bad match and missed a goal in the match that ended with the English club winning 2-1 and eliminating the Royal Club.

According to Varane, he was not in his normal state, as he said, “I played this match while suffering from a concussion. I felt it since the warm-up before the start, but I decided to be on my own.”

He also added, “The first three balls were good, but then I started to feel that I was very slow. I wanted to slap myself to wake up. It was a bad match and until now I hold myself responsible for the elimination.”

At the same time, it was not the first match in which the French international suffered a concussion and played a match, as he confirms that this also happened to him during a La Liga match against Getafe.

But the difference is that in the La Liga match, Varane left the field and needed 5 days to recover, while against City, he decided to continue with the concussion until the last minute of the match, in a step that was very dangerous for his life.

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