Surprise.. An English club excluded from the Europa League!

L’Equipe reported that Manchester United will be excluded from participating in the Europa League next season due to its new owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe currently owns 27% of Manchester United shares, and is planning new investments exceeding 200 million euros, which will increase his stake in the English club to 30% or more.

UEFA regulations stipulate that two clubs owned by the same owner (with 30% or more each) should not participate in the same continental competition, while Ratcliffe already owns the French club Nice.

Nice ranked fifth in the French League standings, thus qualifying for the Europa League, while United succeeded in reaching the competition after defeating Manchester City in the FA Cup final after occupying eighth place in the Premier League.

Given that Nice is in a higher position in the league than United, UEFA will decide that the French club will participate in the European League, while United will be relegated to participate in the European Conference League.

Thus, Chelsea can qualify for the Europa League after being relegated to the Conference League following United’s victory in the FA Cup.

Ratcliffe and his entourage are supposed to try to find a solution that UEFA is satisfied with, including postponing investments until a later time in order to ensure United’s participation in the second most important club tournament in Europe.