Strong complaints from Real Madrid due to racism against Vinicius

Real Madrid submitted an official complaint to the Spanish Football Federation against referee Juan Martinez Monero on charges of indifference to the racism Vinicius Junior was subjected to in Osasuna’s last match.

According to the Royal Club’s complaint, the Osasuna fans’ hostile chants against Vinicius were clear, and his teammates reported them to the referee, but he ignored them and did not take any steps to stop them.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid filed a complaint with the Federal Authority that was referred to the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sports.

Osasuna Club did not stand idly by in the face of these serious accusations, and issued an official statement in which it denied the truth that its fans had chanted racist chants towards Vinicius.

The statement said, “Osasuna is always against racist chants. For this reason, the club wants to show its solidarity with players like Vinicius Junior or Peter Federico Gonzalez, who have been subjected for weeks to abhorrent, shameful, and reprehensible racist attacks.”

The statement did not deny that the fans had insulted Vinicius, but stressed that these insults were not racist, and that all football players are exposed to them almost periodically in all stadiums.

Concluding the statement, Osasuna thanked its fans by saying that its behavior was excellent despite the painful result. Sadar also showed itself once again as a welcoming stadium as a large number of rival fans were able to wear their team’s colors without any problem.

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