Stegen’s disasters continue…Barcelona goalkeeper gives Valencia a strange goal (video)

Hugo Duro scored the equalizer for Valencia against Barcelona, taking advantage of a fatal error by goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, in the match between the two teams in the 33rd round of La Liga.

The Catalan club succeeded in scoring the first goal in the match held at the Luis Companis Olympic Stadium, in the 22nd minute, through young Fermin Lopez.

But in the 28th minute, Stegen gifted Valencia a draw after a grave error that increased the amount of criticism he has been subjected to periodically in the last two years.

The German goalkeeper failed to tame the ball in front of Doro on the outskirts of the penalty area, so the attacker snatched it and put it into the net easily, to everyone’s amazement.

Because of this goal, a large campaign broke out on social media demanding Stegen’s departure from Barcelona, especially since the goalkeeper’s level has been declining little by little in recent years.

Stegen has a contract with Barcelona that extends until the summer of 2028, and he enjoys the trust of Xavi Hernandez and the management, but a series of continuous mistakes and public pressure may oust him early from Camp Nou.