Shocking.. Real Madrid practiced “racism” against Vinicius

The Relevo network revealed that Vinicius Junior threatened not to play the Real Madrid-Valencia match due to racist behavior committed by the Royal Club against him.

The matter began when Real Madrid’s official Instagram account published a picture bearing an image of Vinicius kissing the club’s logo, and below it was a logo simulating the evolution of a monkey into a human.

Because of this, the Brazilian star became angry with the team responsible for social media at Real Madrid, to the point of threatening that he would not play unless the photo was deleted.

The behavior of the Royal Club management was very positive. As soon as Vinicius’ anger was known, the picture was removed due to its racist connotations, and with it the intense anger of the 23-year-old.

Perhaps this was fortunate for Real Madrid, as Fini participated in the match and succeeded in scoring two goals that saved the Merengues from defeat at the Mestalla Stadium.

Vinicius has clearly suffered from racism in the last two years inside and outside Spain, and he did not need to add to his crises with suspicious actions from within Real Madrid, which explains his extreme anger.

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