Senior official: Mbappe is destroying football and is a nail in its coffin!

Bayern Munich’s sporting director, Max Eberl, attacked Kylian Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid due to the high financial value that the French player will earn, and considered it a “nail in the football coffin.”

Mbappe will earn 30 million euros annually with Real Madrid, while receiving a huge transfer bonus of more than 100 million euros, in addition to 80% of the image rights.

Eberle commented on these economic advantages for Mbappe, saying, “Anyone who is greedy for money in this way will gradually turn into a nail in the football coffin.”

He also added, “We are talking about hundreds of millions for the player. This is too much and at some point this situation will explode and there will be oversaturation.”

He continued, “At that moment, Saudi Arabia will come, and I do not feel comfortable about that. Money is leaving the market in a large way and the clubs are not benefiting from it properly. We must achieve harmony between the two matters.”

He concluded, “The players, their families, and agents benefit, but the clubs do not. In the past, the clubs benefited, but now the matter is gradually decreasing.”