Salah is at fault… revealing the actual reason for his quarrel with Klopp

A source revealed to The Sun newspaper the actual reason for Mohamed Salah’s quarrel with Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp before his participation in the West Ham match last Saturday.

According to the report, the matter began when Salah did not interact adequately with Klopp on the line before going onto the field, which made the German coach unusually angry.

Klopp raised his hand to shake Salah’s hand, but the Egyptian did not respond to him, so Klopp was forced again to try to shake hands, and then he directed some words to the player, and with them the quarrel that everyone saw began.

It seems that Salah quickly exploded in Klopp’s face when he said to him words that no one knows yet, and with them the dispute began, which the player refused to comment on after the match so as not to “ignite the fire.”

Without a doubt, the motivating factor in Salah’s somewhat provocative behavior towards Klopp is his non-participation in the last two matches primarily and his continued presence on the bench against West Ham for 80 minutes.

Klopp had announced after the match that he had spoken with Salah in the locker room, and it was assumed that the crisis between the two had largely ended.

Liverpool will meet Tottenham next Sunday in the English Premier League, and everyone is waiting for how the duo will deal with each other and whether Klopp will continue to keep Salah on the bench after what happened between them against West Ham.