Salah ignites a new crisis between Liverpool and Egypt!

The Egyptian Football Association issued a strongly worded statement in which it affirmed its adherence to the right to include Mohamed Salah in the national team’s roster for the upcoming international break, despite Liverpool’s opposition.

The Egyptian Federation, as is usual, sent a request to Liverpool to obtain Salah in the upcoming international break, but surprisingly, the English club rejected the matter.

Liverpool justified this by saying that Salah was injured and could not participate, and therefore he must be exempted from being with the Pharaohs in the friendly tournament in Dubai.

The Egyptian Federation responded that if Salah participated in any Liverpool match before the start of the international break, then he would join, regardless of the English club’s opinion about it.

FIFA supports the rights of teams to include their players in the international agenda regardless of the teams’ desire, so Egypt has a strong position if Salah is not injured.

The Egyptian international will miss Liverpool’s matches for the last two weeks due to injury, but he is expected to play at least one match before the international break, given that his injury is not serious.

It is noteworthy that Salah also sparked a problem between Egypt and Liverpool after he returned to recover there from his injury during the African Cup of Nations competition last January.

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