Rudiger provokes Haaland before the Real Madrid and City summit!

Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger considered that facing Sergio Aguero was much more difficult than playing against Erling Haaland.

The German star’s statements came in the press conference preceding the Champions League quarter-final first leg between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

“Certainly facing Haaland is, for me, one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced throughout my career,” Rudiger told the media.

He also added, “But I can say that the most difficult challenge for me was facing Sergio Aguero. This is a given, but Haaland is certainly a difficult test and difficult to control.”

Rudiger succeeded in stopping Haaland’s threat last season in the first leg of the semi-finals, and after that he became the talk of social media, which severely mocked the Norwegian star.

Regarding this, Rudiger commented, “There are many pictures and videos, but I do not think about that. All I think about is the duel that awaits me. I am a defender and I will face a distinguished striker like Haaland.”

It remains to be noted that Haaland is suffering from a clear decline in level, and he was also subjected to severe attack from City fans due to his modest levels in major matches, most recently against Arsenal last week.

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