“Ronaldo should be a substitute in the Euro because of the Saudi League!”

Former Arsenal star Paul Morrison believes that Cristiano Ronaldo cannot participate with the Portugal national team on a regular basis, at least in the first two matches of the Euro 2024 competition.

The Englishman explained this idea by saying that Ronaldo is coming from the Saudi League, which is less competitive – from his point of view – and he needs to gradually enter the atmosphere in order to adapt to the Euro Cup.

Morrison said in statements reported by the Daily Mail newspaper, “Despite Ronaldo’s wonderful career, I believe that he should be a substitute.”

He also added, “Personally, I would have put him on the substitute bench at least for the first two matches, and then inserted him into the matches later.”

He concluded by saying, “If he plays well then he can remain a starter. I think it would be a big leap for him to come from a less competitive league like the Saudi League to play as a starter in a tournament the size of the Euro.”

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo scored 44 goals last season and assisted 13 others with Al-Nassr in all tournaments, but he did not succeed in winning any official group title.