Ronaldo: Mbappe is guaranteed the Ballon d’Or by moving to Real Madrid

Brazilian football legend and Real Madrid, Ronaldo Nazario, believes that Kylian Mbappe’s Ballon d’Or win is guaranteed once he moves to Real Madrid.

Mbappe informed the Paris Saint-Germain administration of his departure at the end of this season, in light of reports confirming that he had completed an agreement with Real Madrid to move to its ranks next summer.

When asked about this, Ronaldo said, “We must wait until Real Madrid officially announces this before we talk, but certainly everyone is excited about Mbappe’s arrival.”

He also added, “I think moving to Real Madrid is a good option for Mbappe. He is an amazing player, without a doubt.”

He continued, “Mbappe was a big star in the Paris Saint-Germain project, but we will see how things go at Real Madrid. What is certain is that he will have a strong group in every decision he makes.”

He concluded, “I think that Mbappe will finally be able to win the Ballon d’Or if he joins Real Madrid.”

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