Ronaldo is “jealous” of Guler… revealing the truth about the Don ignoring Real Madrid star

Cristiano Ronaldo was subjected to a sharp attack from Turkish fans after a video of him ignoring Real Madrid star Arda Guler went viral after the Portugal-Turkey match.

One of the Turkish journalists went so far as to say that Ronaldo was jealous of Guler because of the cover of the newspaper “Marca”, which compared them to each other despite the great difference in history.

Guler has always praised Ronaldo and considered him a role model, yet cameras captured what happened after the match, which Portugal won 3-0, and this caused great controversy.

But the Defense Central network confirmed Ronaldo’s innocence of everything that was said about him, as it revealed that the Al-Nassr star went to the Turkish dressing room and requested a meeting with Guler after the match.

Real Madrid was the focus of the conversation between the two, and Ronaldo gave the 19-year-old many advice for a successful career at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ronaldo was clear with Guler that the mentality of victory prevails within Real Madrid and is the only way to succeed there, and he stressed that he believes that that spirit and constant desire to win everything is still strongly present in the Royal Club from his era until now.

It is noteworthy that Guler scored 6 goals in 12 matches he played with Real Madrid in all tournaments last season, and although there is interest from several clubs in contracting with him, the Spanish club’s management is determined to continue him in the next season.