Ronaldo cries hard after losing the King’s Cup (video)

Cristiano Ronaldo could not control himself and burst into tears after Al-Nasr lost the King’s Cup title to Al-Hilal at the Radiant Jewel Stadium.

Al-Nasr tied with Al-Hilal 1-1 in regular and extra time, so the two teams resorted to penalty kicks, where Ronaldo scored a kick, but his team was defeated 5-4.

After Yassine Bounou saved the decisive kick, which decided the match for Al Hilal, the camera turned to Ronaldo, who was collapsed on the field and deeply immersed in tears.

The 39-year-old continued to cry on the bench after that, after losing the opportunity to win his first official title with Al-Nasr.

Perhaps the shot of Ronaldo crying speaks to the extent of “The Don’s” passion for football. A player like him has achieved everything and won 33 championships in his career, and his desire to win every possible championship is still strong.

It remains to be noted that Ronaldo has not won any official championship over the last 3 years, but he did win the Arab Club Championship with Al-Nassr at the beginning of the past season, but it is not recognized by FIFA.