Ronaldo arrogantly: Ozil’s muscles are not bad (photo)

After Mesut Ozil appeared in his new look, Cristiano Ronaldo also appeared and congratulated him on what he had achieved, but somewhat sarcastically.

Pictures spread of Ozil in exceptional physical condition after building a number of muscles, completely unlike how he was while playing football.

The German star posted a video of him on Instagram while he was in the gym, and Ronaldo responded to him due to the close relationship between them.

The Saudi Al-Nasr star wrote to him sarcastically, “Not bad, brother,” referring to the distinctive muscular state that Ozil has reached, albeit with understandable sarcasm between two friends.

Ronaldo teamed up with Ozil at Real Madrid from 2010 until the owner of Turkish origins left for Arsenal in the summer of 2013.

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