Roma star fell on the field and the Udinese match was canceled (video)

The match between Roma and Udinese witnessed a moment that terrified all fans around the world, after Ivan Ndika fell on the field and grabbed his chest.

While the 1-1 draw was prevailing over the course of the match, specifically in the 72nd minute, Ndika fell without intervention, and grabbed his chest, so the medical team immediately intervened to save him.

The ambulance carried the Ivorian star to the locker room, pointed to the fans and reassured them of his condition, and coach Daniele De Rossi ran after him.

According to Italian media, 24-year-old Ndika suffered a severe drop in blood circulation, but fortunately the medical staff seemed to have dealt well with the incident.

De Rossi then went out to the referee and asked him to cancel the match in view of Ndika’s condition and everyone’s concern for him, which the referee actually complied with, and the fate of the match remains in the hands of the Calcio League.

It is noteworthy that Christian Eriksen is the most famous case of heart and chest attacks on football fields during Euro 2020, and recently Ahmed Refaat, Future player, suffered a similar attack, and fortunately, the duo succeeded in recovering from it.

You can see everything that happened in the following video:

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