Revealing the Saudi club that may solve Barcelona’s stifling crisis

The Relivo network revealed the name of the Saudi club seeking to sign Ter Stegen from Barcelona next summer.

Moroccan journalist Ashraf Ben Ayyad had revealed that the German goalkeeper was of interest to a major Saudi club, without announcing his identity.

According to the Spanish network, the club that is panting after Stegen is Al-Ittihad Club. He has just gotten rid of his goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe and is relying on Abdullah Al-Mayouf.

According to the report, the main catalyst behind this deal is Ramon Blanes, who holds the position of sports director of the federation. He is the same one who was Barcelona’s technical secretary.

Stegen’s position on accepting or rejecting the offer remains unknown until now. But what is certain is that the matter requires him to think in light of the Union’s willingness to give him a huge salary.

As for Barcelona, ​​things seem 50:50. The Catalan club will not mind the departure of its captain in the event of a large offer, as expected from Al-Ittihad. Thus, he can sign new players next summer.

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