Revealing the person who changed Real Madrid’s decision regarding Modric

The “Relevo” network revealed that Real Madrid’s management had already decided that Luka Modric would leave next season, had coach Carlo Ancelotti himself not intervened to change this matter.

Modric is close to renewing his contract for another year with Real Madrid, in light of what is said that the Croatian agreed to a significant reduction in his salary and agreed to play a secondary role in Ancelotti’s squad next season.

According to the report, Real Madrid’s initial decision was to keep either Modric or Toni Kroos, with a strong tendency for management to try to continue the German in particular.

But in recent days, Carlo Ancelotti intervened and put intense pressure on the administration to reverse its previous decision and keep Modric.

Ancelotti considers Modric a mainstay on his list, and the personal relationship between the two is more than wonderful and characterized by great respect, so the Italian wanted to continue working with the 39-year-old for as long as possible.

Because of Ancelotti’s intervention and his personal conversation with Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, the management decided to yield to the coach’s desire and keep Modric and Kroos together, given the technical and leadership value they represent in the locker room, no matter how old they are.