Revealing the El Clásico referees’ conversation regarding Yamal’s canceled goal

The newspaper “Marca” published a video showing referee Soto Grado talking with the video technology after Lamin Yamal’s canceled goal in the Real Madrid and Barcelona Clasico.

The video technology refused to confirm that Yamal’s ball crossed the goal line, which later caused Barcelona to demand that El Clásico be repeated as a decisive shot that deprived the team of victory.

In the video, it became clear that the video referees were unable to decide whether the ball passed its entire circumference or not due to the lack of clarity of vision from all the cameras in the Santiago Bernabéu.

The conversation went as follows:

Soto Grado: There is no technical goal (goal line). Let’s wait for the video opinion. Maybe it was a goal. Let’s review.

Video referee: Wait a second, we keep looking for evidence, this 360 angle does not work, this also does not, and this does not.

Soto Grado: Don’t rush, it’s a very important decision, check all the cameras.

Video referee: Cesar, we’ll come back with a corner kick. We have no evidence that the ball went all the way into the goal, it’s a corner kick.

The reason for the lack of goal-line technology is due to the refusal of the President of the Spanish League, Javier Tebas, to pay 4 million euros to FIFA to acquire it.

Because of this, Barcelona effectively lost the Spanish League title, after the gap between it and Real Madrid widened to 11 points following the 3-2 defeat in El Clásico.

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